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Welcome To My Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle Website

Living in the snow belt where the weather can be harsh, can warp the mind! That is why my designs look a little twisted. Send me a message to if you would like to see any of these designs on a product not shown, or you would like a custome product made.(I am known mainly on other sites as sandyspider and sandyspiderbite.)

See my shop on Zazzle for the most updated products.Sandyspider Gifts

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Postcards are my best sellers. Tell me what your best seller is by leaving a comment on What Sells Best On Zazzle? Presently, I don't have a page set up here for posters, cards and postcards. But there are hundreds shown on Sandyspider on Zazzle.

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Happy Halloween! bag
Happy Halloween! by Sandyspider
Make your own tote bags at

See my shop on Zazzle for the most updated products. Click on any of these buttons below to go to the different product lines. See my Zazzle shop for the most updates.

Please be considerate and do not copy any of these pictures from my Zazzle shop. They my photos and graphic created by me are all copyrighted and have a digital thumb print on file. Registered & Protected

You do have permission to show my products on your sites, provided you have linked to my product. Example: I have featured other shopkeepers products within my articles and blogs. As an affiliate, if the product sales within that link, it is a win-win situation. I receive a referral fee of 15% and the shopkeeper receives their percentage of what they set up for the product. Please let me know if you are adding any of my products to your site. I would be glad to visit and leave a thank you comment. Any questions, email at the address at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: If you buy anything through the links on this page, I get credit on Zazzle for the referral and you get a high quality product.

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***** Anyone can comment on my Zazzle products and 5 star ratings are always appreciated. Contact me through Zazzle or the email address below (in the purple) if you would like a custom gift made for you. *****

Many of these same designs can be found in other product types, example:
All Products of Sandyspider Gifts
Just click on the highlighted link to go to that product type. See Cards too.

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Zazzle is the world's leading platform for quality custom products. Zazzle’s proprietary technology enables individuals, professional artists, and major brands, including Disney and Hallmark, to create and offer billions of unique products for customers worldwide. Zazzle’s rapidly expanding product base covers every topic imaginable and includes t-shirts, business cards, invitations, in addition to a variety of custom gifts. Upon creation, products are instantly and accurately visualized on the site and offered in the Zazzle marketplace. When ordered, each product is made on-demand, typically within 24 hours.

I know personally that the products are high quality with excellent customer service. I do not create the products. I produce the images, photos, text and designs for the products in my shop.

My products are set up where they can be completely customized. Any t-shirts that are shown in ladies sizes and styles can be changed over to mens, kids or baby sizes and styles. That is the beauty of Zazzle.

No need to have a Zazzle account to buy their customized products. But you can start your own from my store link Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle

Purchases can be made from the USA | UK | Canada | Australia | New Zealand Germany | Spain | Brazil | Portugal | France

Questions or for a custom gift, send an email to and add the words Zazzle in your email

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